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Non-Reagent Air Disinfection Device

Non-Reagent Air Disinfection Device

Work on a non-reagent air disinfection machine, the purpose of which is to clean the air of heavy metals and harmful chemicals, was started by the company “Innosystems” after the appearance of the corona virus. David Chachanidze led the work.

In connection with current needs, a prototype non-reagent disinfection of air was made, designed for disinfection of air in a building (room). It only cleans the air of bacteria and viruses. It was checked at home. The prototype developed at this stage requires laboratory testing of its effectiveness, as well as obtaining a production permit from the relevant government agencies, after which the manufactured model will be assembled and the cost of the device will be determined. In the case of financing, it is possible to create a micro-production line.

Representatives of our company are convinced that the newly created device in Georgia will significantly help many people maintain their health and well-being and will soon be able to purchase them without any obstacles. This requires additional resources.

The device for air disinfection consists of a lamp of the spectrum of ultraviolet radiation (with the release of ozone) and a closed sterilization chamber. Due to air intake, the contaminated air enters a closed chamber where an ultraviolet lamp is emitted. Since viruses and bacteria are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, this negatively affects their DNA and, after irradiation, removes the DNA structure, depriving them of their ability to reproduce. As a result, we get purified air.